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Birthday Party, Des Moines Metro

Balloons make a party bright, cheerful, and lots of FUN! I can provide just the right “twist” and Ta-Da! - your party now has color in motion! Imagine the looks on the faces of your birthday child and guests when they receive an amazing twisted balloon sculpture! 

These works of art provide the elements of color and movement which will in turn energize your event! Your party will come alive! Kids love getting an outrageous hat or a cool balloon costume to wear! And there is always excitement and plenty of smiles and laughter when we begin the balloon games!

I want to make sure that this is the perfect birthday party, one that will be remembered for years to come!

I will work with you to put together a party that is just what you and your child want! If you have a certain party theme - let me know and we’ll incorporate it. 

What is a PARTY without BALLOONS?!

Birthday Parties start at $120 for an hour of twisting and up to 12 kids. Additional time to accommodate larger parties can be added.
Contact me for more information!

**Note: My policy is to NOT give balloons to children under 4 years of age because of the choking hazard and insurance liability. I can, however, hand the balloon to the parent or adult in charge and they in turn can give it to their child.

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